Our Partners

Working together for the future of our planet.

We are firm believers in the power of collaboration in driving positive change throughout the supply chain. Office Depot is deeply committed to supporting and collaborating with our customers, suppliers, and partners to promote sustainable procurement practices and make a positive impact on the environment.

Our commitment

Establish collaborative working practices

We work closely with our partners to find innovative solutions that improve our sustainable and responsible business practices.

Carbon data transparency

We collaborate with our suppliers to establish accurate carbon data that is measured, reported, and easily accessible for all stakeholders.

Sustainable procurement process

We are dedicated to establishing a sustainable procurement process that supports our priorities, suppliers, and customers’ environmental and responsible business practices.

Social value and carbon emission reduction

We introduce frameworks to report and improve OT Group’s social values and help reduce carbon emissions.

Diverse supplier strategy

We are committed to defining and developing a diverse supplier strategy to engage with suppliers from diverse backgrounds.

Our goals

Ethical procurement
Supply chain risk management
Supply chain engagement

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