Digital Mailroom

Take control of your printing and mail process, with our digital mailroom service.

Regain control of your printing and mailing process and overcome the challenge of outbound printed communications by utilising our remote printing and multi-channel output service. Say goodbye to bloated in-house mailrooms, and send office mail directly from your desktop to a centralised print or digital fulfilment centre — from wherever you are, whenever you need it. And, with full integration of our digital mailroom into your in-house systems, our digital mailroom service allows you to track the entire process, from print, to enclose, despatch, and delivery. If you want greater visibility of your mailing process, alongside reducing costs and lead times, promoting productivity, and facilitating a secure communication process while maintaining compliance, our digital mailroom service can deliver.

Digital mailroom capabilities





Template mail merge

Template mail merge

Traditional print

Traditional print

Ad-hoc comms

Ad-hoc comms



Direct mail

Direct mail

Simple multi-channel communications via a digital mailroom

In a world where we’re inundated with digital messages and notifications every day, research shows that direct mail is becoming more effective at cutting through the noise.

By utilising our digital mailroom service, you can create a mailer in your usual software and simply select Paragon as your printer — we’ll do the rest.

And our secure digital solution allows you track the status of a document on an individual basis, as well as allowing for extra add-ons, such as traditional identification validation or digital ID services through our integration with OpenID Connect.

Discover how our digital mailroom service transformed Connell’s communications.

Digital mailroom platform available 24/7

Our intuitive digital mailroom system is always available, making it an ideal solution for office-based and remote workers.

WIth multi-channel delivery built in, it’s never been easier to engage with your customers and teams via print, SMS, email, and other digital channels.

This joined up approach will enhance your audience’s experience, ensuring they’re more likely to engage, while giving you more oversight of communications activity.

Market-leading digital mailroom features

Imagine never having to maintain ageing printers, troubleshoot electronic communications delivery or manage document composition again.

With our digital mailroom service, you can free up resources to focus on more important things, such as strategic business operations.

We can help you to optimise, remain compliant, and achieve your digitisation objectives, all while reaching your customers via their preferred channels, at their preferred time.

And our platform provides management information (MI) with visibility, transparency and insight for your teams – meaning you can make data-driven decisions.

Transform customer communications with our Digital mailroom

Our goal is to support our customers in transforming their transactional, marketing, and regulatory communications through our digital mailroom service.

Our expert team has decades of experience in multi-channel communications delivery, driven by data insights — encouraging audiences to take the desired action.

Take advantage of our market-leading scale, expertise, and digital capability to elevate the communications experience for your customers, teams, and stakeholders.

Why choose Office Depot for your digital mailroom services?

Market-leading platform

Data insights

Total control

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