Direct Mail

Delivering time sensitive campaigns on time, within budget.

From design, to printing, to mailing — our end-to-end support facilitates creative and highly-targeted direct mail campaigns that are delivered on time, and within budget. As your trusted partner for all of your direct mail needs, you can rely on us for a seamless experience, at extremely competitive rates.

Our expert teams are on hand to support you every step of the way, from the initial design concept, through to choosing the best print stock and mailing options – you can be confident your campaign will run smoothly and have a real impact.

The benefits of direct mail in the digital age

Direct mail campaigns that matter

Discounted direct mail rates for volume posting

We offer proof of delivery and, as a member of MailMark with Royal Mail and holding agreements with downstream access companies, we can share discounted rates on volume printing for your large direct mail campaigns.

Expert direct mail teams for every sector

No matter your industry or campaign type, our team will be able to advise and guide you.

With vast experience across many sectors — including retail, finance and banking, public sector, legal, and more — you can take advantage of our expertise to get maximum results.

Direct mail campaigns with creative spark

Collaborating together, we can develop customised and creative direct mail campaigns that tell your brand story effectively, cutting through marketing jargon and grabbing the receiver’s attention.

Highly targeted direct mail campaigns that hit home

Our mailing lists are capable of being highly targeted at a granular level, meaning that no matter your direct mail campaign, you can reach the right people, at the optimum time, for maximum success.

Marketing campaigns with proven ROI

For true ROI, direct mail is one of the most cost-effective marketing channels, with precision targeting of mailing lists to ensure highly relevant audiences, leading to boosted engagement rates compared to other platforms.

Quality direct mail campaigns that surprise and delight

We use only the highest quality materials and printing processes, with a range of products, from paper types and finishes to custom sizes to meet any campaign style and budget — so you can ensure your direct mail campaign has a lasting impact on your audiences.

Direct mail solutions for every campaign

We offer a range of direct mail services, starting with but not limited to the below…

Customer communications and statements
Marketing campaigns

Customer retention campaigns

Client acquisition
Leaflet distribution
Bespoke campaigns

Why choose Office Depot for your direct mail needs?



Improve quality of service while reducing costs

Expert team

Expert team

Access experienced print professionals



Boost sustainability credentials in your supply-chain

Resources of scale

Resources of scale

Benefit from expansive network and economies of scale

Supplier consolidation

Supplier consolidation

Enjoy one supplier and one invoice, saving you time and resources

Seamless execution

Seamless execution

Delivering projects on time, within budget, every time



Guaranteeing no compromise on materials, or quality of service

Full-print service

Full-print service

Providing consistent materials and messaging for your brand

Print Services
Creative Services
Operational Print

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