Supplier Consolidation

A trusted procurement partner, delivering on cost and service.

Imagine the simplicity of placing just one order, receiving a single delivery, and handling just one invoice for all your business supplies and services.
Experience streamlined efficiency and cost-effectiveness with our supplier consolidation services. Office Depot’s tailored approach centralises your procurement process while enhancing service delivery.  

Trusted by leading brands all over the UK, our multi-channel consolidation model caters to diverse and complex requirements with total ease. Through one ordering system, warehouse, and delivery model, we reduce time and operational costs while ensuring seamless coordination across numerous trusted suppliers.  

Not to mention, our commitment to improvement and innovation goes way beyond our active services, as we support third-party suppliers to enhance overall efficiency and minimise risks.  

With Office Depot, you can achieve time and cost savings without ever compromising on quality. 


Place just one consolidated order for all of your workplace supplies. 


Reduce your scope 3 emissions with just one supplier and one delivery. 


Benefit from greater visibility and control of your spend with just one set of MI and reports.  

Innovative approaches to supplier consolidation

Cross-brand supplier management

Efficiently manage suppliers across various brands, retail outlets, branches, and head offices under one streamlined process.

Third-party supplier consolidation

Partner with other suppliers to consolidate orders and coordinate combined deliveries through our extensive network.

Consolidation of supplies, services, and tail spend

Centralise procurement efforts to consolidate supplies, services, and tail spend categories.

Why partner with Office Depot for supplier consolidation?

Bolt-on support

Bolt-on support

Benefit from constant assistance tailored to your business needs.

Personalised stock

Personalised stock

Enjoy bespoke stock solutions, ensuring you have the right products exactly when you need them.

Delivery reductions

Delivery reductions

Minimise the number of deliveries, reducing transportation costs and environmental impact.
A dedicated online portal

A dedicated online portal

Access all your procurement needs in one place with our dedicated online portal, simplifying the ordering process and saving time.

Internal efficiencies

Internal efficiencies

Streamline internal processes by consolidating suppliers, reducing administrative overheads and improving overall workflow efficiency. 

One evaluation session

One evaluation session

Conduct just one review meeting, saving time and ensuring alignment across all aspects of your procurement process.
One Invoice

One Invoice

Consolidate your suppliers to receive just one invoice for all purchases.


Gain improved tracking of spending, inventory levels, and supplier performance.

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