We’re more than a supplier, we’re your trusted partner.

At Office Depot, we aim to be more than just your supplier — we’re your trusted partner, offering advice, guidance, and support through a seamless, end-to-end service.

Our expert team will go much further than ensuring your packet of pens is competitively priced. We work with you to understand your business objectives and truly understand your key challenges and pain points, identifying services and solutions that will help you to overcome them.

Through collaborating with us, you can develop a procurement strategy that will serve to boost productivity and create efficiencies across the board.

No matter your requirements, we’ve got the ideal solutions.

Streamlined solutions for any challenge...

One consolidated supplier

Supplier consolidation is crucial to saving both time and costs. As specialist supply chain procurement experts, we can take advantage of our advanced national logistics network and sophisticated inventory management systems, bolstered by the expertise of our dedicated teams, to source and distribute your supplies. 

You can also reduce the time and resources spent on administering your supply chain, through consolidated billing, freeing up your teams to spend time on revenue generating tasks. 

One supplier, one delivery, one invoice.

Audit procurement solutions

If you’re looking to make both financial and environmental savings, our specialist audits can identify areas where small changes — through either product switches or new solutions — could create maximum effect. 

Get started on making change.  

Spend control & visibility solutions

For full control of spend, you need full visibility. With Office Depot as your single trusted supplier, we can provide you with insight and analysis of spend across all your sites and cost centres.  

We’ll provide advice on where efficiencies can be made, both from an environmental and cost-saving perspective. 

Take control of your spending today. 

Do you have an international requirement?

We are not just based in UK and Ireland, we also have partnerships internationally and the ability to cater to large and blue chip customers across the globe.

Bespoke solutions for enhanced performance

Item sourcing

Dedicated unique or rare item sourcing team for every sector, delivered on time and within budget.


Providing an extended range of unrivalled end-to-end business solutions.

Cost saving

Take advantage of our audit services and make considerable cost savings through partnering with Office Depot.

Office Depot solutions can support you to:

Reduce costs

Increase efficiencies

Reduce supplier count

Boost compliance

Improve spend visibility

Enhance distribution

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