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The extensive benefits of partnering with Office Depot

Our core vision is to boost your efficiency, profitability, and peace of mind, providing consolidated solutions for your business-critical supplies and services. In everything we do, our vision sits at the forefront — we’re passionate about becoming your single, trusted partner.

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Why choose Office Depot?

One order, one delivery, one invoice

Our unrivalled consolidated solution gives you the ability to place one order and receive a single delivery, process one invoice, and view a single set of reports to keep control of your costs.

This means that you and your team will spend less time on repetitive, non-critical, everyday tasks such as sourcing, benchmarking products and prices, and processing orders and invoices.

Industry-leading procurement platform

Relied on by hundreds of thousands of users in SMEs and enterprise organisations alike, our innovative online procurement platform connects customers to the lowest prices, an extensive range of products and services, and easy access to business intelligence and reporting.

Ultimate cost control and visibility of expenditure

Our procurement platform provides a powerful analytics engine, transforming the raw data from all your transactions into meaningful reports and visualisations. This insight will help you to drive procurement efficiencies and cost savings while maximising revenue from your supply chain.

The widest product choice and best prices

We facilitate access to numerous product ranges, meaning you can consolidate purchases by using one supplier.

We partner with leading manufacturers and some of the UK’s biggest brands to offer you quality and choice.

Additionally, we continuously check the market so you don’t have to, ensuring we provide the best value for money — saving your team time and effort benchmarking products and prices.

Sustainable product options and responsible business solutions

Choose from a wide assortment of Fair Trade, social value, and eco products — specially selected for their strong CSR credentials. From carbon efficiencies to ethical trading — we make it easy for our customers to do business for good.

We go above and beyond for our customers, today, tomorrow, and in the future

Our business is built on integrity. We look forward to a long relationship with you, striving to provide product and service excellence, always.

Dedicated account management team

Our committed account managers and customer service teams have extensive knowledge and experience working with businesses like yours to drive down costs and control expenditure — working agilely to drive success.

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