Office Supplies

Everything you need to work, at the office or at home.

No matter where your workplace is — from office, to home, to co-working space, to cafe, we can provide you with everything you need to boost your productivity and do your role well.

By ordering office supplies through Office Depot Online, you’ll benefit from a wide variety of choice from reputable brands, and our own trusted 5 Star range. And with competitive prices and speedy delivery guaranteed, you can reduce costs and save time by partnering with us for all of your office supplies needs.

Our office supplies range includes:

Industry-leading office supplies procurement platform

With access to all our products in one place, you can find everything needed to run your business via Office Depot Online.

Our intuitive and easy-to-use platform provides access to leading office supplies brands, as well as detailed reporting on procurement activity.
With built in Business Insights (BI), you’ll be able to make data-driven decisions, freeing up your teams to focus on your strategic goals.

Office technology

No matter your tech needs, we’ll be able to supply it via Office Depot Online.

From high-quality multifunctional printers, to GDPR compliant shredders, data storage drives and privacy filters – we can deliver it on time and within budget.

We also have a wide range of keyboards and mice, meeting-room technology, cabling and even accessories for smartphones, so you and your teams have everything you need to do your job well.

Ergonomic office supplies solutions

No matter if you’re working at the office or at home, you want to ensure your workstation is set-up with health and comfort in mind.

From laptop stands to wrist supports, through to standing desks and more, we’ve got a great choice of ergonomic office supplies from leading brands.

Sustainable office supplies with SmartChoice

Our conscientious customers are increasingly looking to switch to more sustainable product ranges. That’s why we’ve developed SmartChoice, empowering you to make greener choices when ordering office supplies with us.

SmartChoice clearly identifies products with environmental, social, and sustainable accreditations across Office Depot Online – making the switch to ethical products easier than ever.

Some of our trusted partners:

5 Star- our trusted office supplies brand

With over 3,000 products available via Office Depot Online, our trusted own brand range of 5 Star has been the go-to office supplies brand for customers for over 30-years.

And with a reputation for delivering outstanding quality while remaining competitively priced, 5 Star and its range of sub-brands consistently delivers on value.

A dedicated office supplies team

If you’d like a more tailored and strategic approach, our office supplies team is available to help with all your procurement needs.

Our decades of industry experience enables us to offer specialist advice and guidance, while providing competitive pricing.

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