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At Office Depot, we believe in making sustainable choices easy for our customers. We’re committed to providing our customers with reliable and detailed information on the environmental credentials across our portfolio of products.

That’s why we’re proud to have created our Green Leaf mark to help to clearly identify the environmental performance and benefits of these products. Helping you to make more informed choices when looking for more sustainable product options and giving you the information you need to identify the thousands of environmentally friendly products we have available within our range.   

Simply look out for our Green Leaf mark and you’ll see the products which truly make a difference. Green Leaf certified products show that they reduce waste, save raw materials, save energy and are recyclable.

Make a difference with every purchase. Choose Office Depot for your sustainable office needs.

Learn about what makes products qualify for a Green Leaf mark

Made of 70% recycled plastics, often seen on food and soft drinks packaging

Recycled Content
Recyclable content in packaging and product is made of materials that can be used again, usually after processing. Recyclable materials include glass, metal, card, paper and – increasingly – certain plastics
Product needs to contain a minimum of 30% or more postconsumer and/or pre- consumer recycled content (by weight).

Remanufactured or reused packaging
Product made with quality components from previously used products and products that replace one-time use disposable items. Contains 30% or more material recovered from previously used products (by weight)

On Pack Recycling Label
The On-Pack Recycling Label operates in the UK to provide a standard consumer recycling label, which is simple, consistent, evidence led and provides sufficient information to make it easy for consumers to recycle more packaging, more often.

EU Ecolabel
The EU Ecolabel promotes the circular economy by encouraging producers to generate less waste and CO2 during the manufacturing process as well as encourage companies to develop products that are durable, easy to repair and recycle. This can apply to the product or the packaging that it includes. Well used in Europe as it is a EU focused mark.

NF Environment Ecolabel
This is a voluntary EU mark that is still relevant for consideration. UK Government used to back this across the UK and still benchmarks in NI due to Brexit trade deal.
This label distinguishes goods and their packaging with low environmental impact throughout their life cycle.

Packaging made from paper / card / wood sourced from FSE approved sources.
FSC certification promotes environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the world’s forests through third party verification of the supply chain.

The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) is an international non-profit, non-governmental organization dedicated to promoting Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) through independent third-party certification. It works throughout the entire forest supply chain to promote good practice in the forest and to ensure that timber and non-timber forest products are produced with respect for ecological, social and ethical standard

Fairtrade is an ethical trade system that puts people first. Fairtrade offers farmers and workers in developing countries a better deal, and the opportunity to improve their lives and invest in their future. Fairtrade gives consumers the opportunity to help reduce poverty and instigate change through everyday shopping.

The Rainforest Alliance Certified™
The Rainforest Alliance Certified™ seal ensures that a product comes from a farm or forest operation that meets comprehensive standards that protect the environment and promote the rights and well-being of workers, their families and communities. Products that carry the green frog seal include coffee, tea, chocolate, fruit, ready to drink beverages and juices, flowers, paper and tissue products

Nordic Swan Ecolabel
Demonstrates that a product is a good environmental choice. The “Swan” symbol, as it is known in Nordic countries, is available for 65 product groups.

Cradle to Cradle
The Cradle to Cradle Certified (CM) Products Program provides a company with a means to demonstrate efforts in eco-intelligent design. Cradle to Cradle Certification is a third-party sustainability label that requires achievement across multiple attributes: use materials that are safe for human health and the environment through all use phases, product and system design for material reutilization, such as recycling or composting, use of renewable energy, efficient use of water, and maximum water quality associated with production, company strategies for social responsibility.

How is Office Depot championing sustainably-sourced products?

Driving change together

We encourage change by driving awareness and knowledge on responsible sourcing practices, empowering our customers, suppliers, and ourselves to drive change together in all our supply chains.

Recycled and reclaimed materials

We are committed to ensuring that materials used in the manufacture of the products, equipment, and services we sell comprise recycled or reclaimed material where possible, without detriment to the performance of the product.

Environmentally-friendly packaging

All packaging will contain a minimum of 80% recycled content and be 100% recyclable. We do not permit the use of polystyrene in our packaging, unless unavoidable.

Planet Mark Certified

We are officially a Planet Mark certified business, furthering our commitment to make a positive impact on our planet and society. Our entire business has contributed to this, and every individual will continue to play an important role in our sustainability commitment.

The Planet Mark Business Certification is an internationally recognised sustainability certification for all organisations acknowledging continuous progress and encouraging action.

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